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What are the benefits of RDA?

Over 10 years of experience, its proper R&D, large stock and a fast service guarantee a full programme of high-quality and sustainable products that offer a suitable solution to practically any question.

Where can RDA products be bought?

RDA has a large network of installers. Please check DEALERS to find your nearest installer or contact us to receive the address of the installer closest to you!

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What do I need to know in order to choose the right type of automation for my needs?

In order to successfully install RDA automation, you need to know the type, the size, the weight and the application of the door or gate. Besides, in order to choose the right type of motor, the situation on the spot is essential for safeguarding good performance and a long service life. Please contact us in order to receive personal advice.

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Which types of security should be applied?

RDA offers a wide range of security products, including photocells, different types of trap protection and warning lights. Safety precautions that need to be put in place depend on the type of door or gate and the situation on the spot. It is important to ask personal advice with regard to the security products that you need.

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Does RDA supply doors and gates?

RDA offers a full programme of drives, control units and accessories for doors, gates and barriers, but we do not sell any doors or gates. Please contact our nearest installer for this purpose.

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Can my garage door and my gate be operated using the same hand transmitter?

Of course, all our hand transmitters communicate with our receivers! Using a
VICTORY-type dual transmitter, for example, you can link your garage door to key 1 and your gate to key 2.

What happens in the event of a mains power cut?

All RDA door and gate automation products have an emergency control system that allows the door or gate to be opened and/or closed manually in the event of a power cut. A useful add-on, including an emergency battery, is available for 24V versions. It ensures an optimal performance in any situation.

Can automation break down in case of extreme weather conditions such as snow?

All RDA door and gate automation products can endure temperatures as much as 15 degrees C. below zero (some as much as 20 degrees C. below zero). In the event of heavy snowfall, please remove the snow from the movement area of the door or gate to prevent it from getting blocked. Besides, in case of the use of photocells, these need to be cleared of any snow or dirt in able to operate successfully.