We are pleased to inform you that during the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart, GfA elektromaten introduced a new SE 8.65 FU-type industrial drive with an integrated frequency controller for balanced sectional doors.

Due to a ‘ONE-BOX’ casing, these drives have a very small size, which allows those to be mounted in nearly any situation. Besides, these drives are light (only 9.5 kg), which makes those easier to mount.

The new cable system, XES cable, can be ordered in various lengths. Besides, it allows faster mounting as only one plug can be directly plugged in and locked on the outside.

The frequency controller, which operates on a 1N~230V mains power supply, guarantees a very silent operation and makes speed adjustable steplessly between 6 and 65 revolutions per minute. Combined with a TS-series control unit, any desired setting, such as speed, soft start/soft stop, end positions, etc. can be programmed in a very simple and fast way.

The drives have a chain tackle for the purpose of emergency operation. Therefore, in case of a power failure, doors can be opened and closed manually.

The new SE 8.65 FU concept did not only positively surprise the audience at the R+T trade fair, but also the jury of the innovation award. Therefore, GfA elektromaten is modestly proud to announce that it has received an R+T innovation award for the fourth time!

SE 8.65 FU is available from early 2016, but soon the technical specifications can already be viewed and downloaded via:

If you want more information about this new product, please contact us via telephone number +31 – (0) 416 66 00 44, or