Since 2004, RDA has been well known in the fields of drives, control units and accessories for doors, gates and barrier systems.

Besides offering a highly extensive range of products, we also like to regularly push our technical boundaries and, together with our customers, we develop products that meet market demands. Our enthusiasm to find appropriate solutions to specific issues is strengthened by the many challenges we face. Therefore, over the past few years, we have invested considerably in Research and Development and our own manufacturing capability. After adding our own line of control units for fire doors and loading bridges, we now add our own frequency controller. It will serve as a basis for a large number of control units that are custom developed and produced.

This Goodrive-10 model frequency controller is suitable for electrical drives up to 2.2 Kw and has a removable display that can easily be mounted into the lid of a control unit. By default, Goodrive-10 is suitable for heavy industrial use. However, combined with a net filter, Goodrive-10 can also be deployed for light industrial or household use.

If you want more information, please contact us via T.: +31 -(0) 416 66 00 44 or E.: info@rda-bv.nl