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RDA bv (private limited company) was founded in Waspik, in the Netherlands, in 2003 and kicked off in 2004. The goal was to realize new innovative ideas in the field of access engineering. Our motto, ‘Innovative door and gate automation’, is closely connected to our philosophy.

RDA has successfully combined tradition and innovation from the start, which enables us to realize a constant growth every year. Our customer orientation, years of experience and professional passion have resulted in a comprehensive programme, including various products for the automation of doors, gates, barriers and various other access systems.

Moreover, we regularly push our technical boundaries and develop products that meet high customer demands.

Reliability, an ergonomic design and practical deployability of our products simplify the daily lives of many users and have made RDA internationally known.

RDA uw specialist in toegangstechniek

RDA design

Since the start, RDA has laid the foundation of the development of qualitative, functional and sustainable products. Among other things, this is reflected in the applied materials and the ergonomic design.

These 2 aspects are prominent in the development of all RDA products.

All applied materials, ranging from plastic and aluminium of the highest quality to electronics, are subjected to stringent quality and sustainability tests.

The design of RDA products is the result of our vision on a combination of innovation, engineering, sustainability and a comprehensive supply programme, which enforces automation opportunities in a practical sense.

RDA Technology

Due to over 10 years of experience, the selection of quality products only, and continuous investments in our development and production facilities, our customers are guaranteed an offer of highly reliable, advanced,
high-tech products.